Application Form

Before submitting your application, you should read the CBE Regulatory Sandbox Framework.

Applicants are required to use short and clear sentences.

For any further inquiries you can contact the Regulatory Sandbox team reg.sandbox@cbe.org.eg


We declare our commitment to the provisions of the laws and regulations in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt and in particular, in the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and Banking Sector Law (Decree No. 194 of 2020), as well as the rules of the regulatory Sandbox framework for innovative financial technology applications, We are also aware that providing any misleading or false information to the Central Bank of Egypt in connection with the submission of this application or any related information shall result in the refusal of the application, if discovered during the examination period and prior to the approval decision, or result in subsequent cancellation of the license if discovered after the granting of the license.

We also certify that the data and information attached to this request are correct and complete, and that there are no other facts or data related to this request that should be considered by the Central Bank of Egypt. We also confirm that no regulated financial service will be implemented in the Egyptian market prior to obtaining the license.

We also declare our obligation to inform the Central Bank of Egypt of any changes to the submitted application that may arise while the CBE is considering the application.

In addition to the above, we also confirm that any handling of volunteer customers’ moneys and/or assets will be entrusted to CBE licensed banks.